Meet Space Stage Studios

Space Stage Studios (SSS), a sister company to Product Productions (PPI), opened in 1997 to fulfill the demand for studios in Chicago. In our 20-plus year history, we have grown into a busy production house that serves mixed media clients from not only the Chicagoland area, but also worldwide. We initially opened with a single studio on the ground floor at our original location. Ongoing and ever-increasing client demand necessitated a move to a new, larger space.  In 2011, new space was configured at our current facilities at 1844 W. Hubbard Street, which now houses four studios and a brick paved courtyard for exterior scenes and parking, as well as Product Productions rental equipment.

We offer our clients the following stages:

  • Studio Venus

  • Studio Saturn ( Raw Space )

  • Studio Jupiter

  • Galaxy Courtyard ( w/ outdoor stage )

  • Studio Pluto *NEW*

Whether your project requires a set-build or just a space to have a meeting we pride ourselves with our service and quick response time.

 Included with each studio Rental

Some of what set us above

  • Rentals are up to a 12-hour rental day.

  • We include power and distro with our studio rentals.

  • Galaxy Courtyard area can provide for both an event space as well as private off-street parking for talent/crew with direct access to our stages with indoor scene docks that allow for access, including trucks, to the stages.

  • Historic building in manufacturing district means that we have free on-street parking should it be required and no noise restrictions.

  • Our staff has extensive customer service experience and routinely provide “out of the box” solutions for clients thus allowing your creative work to shine.

  • Our studios have hosted clients from local to international making our staff experienced in all variety and scale of production.  

  • The HVAC equipment has been specifically located so as not to interfere with shooting schedules. 

  • Our experienced staff fosters client relationships by providing detailed-customized solutions that fit scope and budget.

  • We are a fully equipped on-site rental facility, which allows us to bundle pricing to accommodate our client’s scope and budget.

  • We can provide experienced crew for all size projects. 

  • We provide in-studio clients with small to large scale craft services, from coffee and bagels to staffed catering, based on client’s needs and requirements.

  • We offer full lighting and grip packages on-site, scaled, and priced to the client’s scope and budget.

  • Our experienced staff can build customized sets and props to meet any client need.

  • As a full-service studio, we have a variety of camera packages, video formats, multi-camera systems and media storage options to meet our client’s requirements.

  • We have multiple audio options available to meet and exceed client needs from single-talent to multi-talent scenes.  Teleprompter equipment and services are also available on-site as needed.

  • Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto stages have dedicated control rooms.

  • We offer high-speed internet and onsite IT services for both Apple and PC Platforms.