About Venus

Venus stage is 3,726 sq ft stage (54’x69’) with 13 ft high ceilings that include a dedicated control room and vehicle accessible 41’x42’ hard Cyc wall. The Cyc wall is ½ chromakey green and ½ white and can be altered for whatever our client’s project requires. The stage is also equipped with 600-amp service that can accommodate everything from full-scale productions to photography shoots.  Venus is also equipped with dedicated green with a craft service area, make-up and hair room as well as its own bathrooms and access to a shared lunchroom area. HVAC equipment has been strategically isolated to ensure uninterrupted shoots. The cyc wall is usually green or white per our client's request; occasionally the wall is painted to specifications other than the normal green and white as seen in the images below where the wall is painted cyan.